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Invest in Chiayi County

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Environment Overview

    Unique Geographic Characteristics

    Unique Geographic Characteristics
    • Chiayi County occupies 1,902 km2 and has a population of 560,000 people. The county is divided into 18 townships. Chiayi County and Chiayi City、which occupies 60 km2 and has a population of 270,000 people、are collectively known as the 「Greater Chiayi Area」.
    • The Tropic of Cancer crosses the county. The climate is warm and comfortable、with little rainfall in the winter、and with an average of only two rainy days in November.
    • Being the nearest point to China、in the center of the JiananPlain、Chiayi now has one flight to Taichung per day from the Shueishang Airport. It is now only 66 minutes away from Taipei and 30 minutes from Kaohsiung after the opening of Taiwan High Speed Rail service. Chiayi County is a perfect place both for residence and work.
    • Chiayi County is a typical agriculture county and preservesthe traditional flavor and warmth of Taiwan. The county possesses quite a bounty of natural resources、including the internationally famous Alishan high mountain tea.

    Traffic Advantages

    • Taiwan is a key transportation hub in the Asia-Pacific region、with an average of only 2.55 hours to the seven main cities in the Asia-Pacific region. Chiayi County、located in the south-central region of Taiwan、is a critical traffic thoroughfare connecting the north and the south. It is now only about one hour from Taipei and 30 minutes from Kaohsiung with the opening of the Taiwan High Speed Rail service.

    Mature Industrial Environment

    Map of Mature Industrial Environment
    • The county is situated between the central and south areas of Taiwan and therefore the traffic is very  convenient. It is the convergence point of the recently-formed central Taiwan industrial band (the Central Scientific Park and the Sixth Naphatha) and the south Taiwan industrial band (the Southern Scientific Park and Kaohsiung City)、 only 60 minutes from the Central Scientific Park and 40 minutes from the Southern Scientific Park. According to the conference of the Executive Yuan finance and economy task force in June 2006、Chiayi will have managerial and administrative advantages due to its location when the Central and Southern Scientific Park are expanded in the future.
    • Chiayi posses a bounty of academic and educational resources、with 9 colleges and universities and some  45,000 students. The combined research energy of Chung Cheng University、Chiayi University、 Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute、Refining and Manufacturing Research Institute、 and Tai Sugar Biotech Plant cannot be overlooked.
    • The abovementioned academic institutes and their continuing education divisions can supply human power such as students and graduates to both the professional (mechanics、 electrical engineering、industrial design、chemistry、and material science) and service (marketing and business administration) sectors in the park、and provide technical support for industrial development.

    Great industrial and R&D resources

    Map of Great industrial and R&D resources
    • A multitude of academic institutes
    • Bountiful tourism resources
    • Sufficient medical resources

    Premium Service and Taxation Incentives

    • Enforcement Rules of the Statute for Upgrading Industries
    • Regulations for Encouraging Manufacturing Enterprises and Technical Service Enterprises in the Newly   Emerging、Important and Strategic Industries
    • Enforcement Rules of the Statute for Upgrading Industries、Article 7
    • Self-governing Ordnances for Subsidization for Investment in Newly-developed Industrial Zone to Encourage   Economy in Chiayi County

    Geographical and Natural Characteristics

    • Chiayi has a unique geographical landscape、different from those of other areas that the Tropic of Cancer crosses. Most of the lands that the Tropic of Cancer crosses form only deserts or semi deserts at most. But in Taiwan、thanks to the abundance of rainfall from the monsoon and humid air currents、forests are able to grow.