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Invest in Chiayi County

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    Tropic of Cancer Solar Exploration Center
    • Chiayi County、located 23.5 degrees north latitude with the Tropic of Cancer crossing it、has very unique geographical characteristics. The Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum、 expected to be completed in 2010、is designated as the 「Asian artistic and cultural Park」 which will promote hardware and software development in the vicinity as well as serve as a portal to internationalization for Chiayi County; the launch of the Taiwan High Speed Rail can reduce the traveling time from north to south and improve transportation efficiency. As the basic construction arrangement in Chiayi County has been successfully completed、the phase of「Constructing Chiayi」 is nearing its end、which will in turn bring Chiayi County into the new phase of 「transformation、competition、and elevation」.

    Urban Planning for Chiayi County

    • Urban planning requires vision. Urban planning is not just the scope of future、but also a guideline to a better standard of living. The new heart of Chiayi、which will be composed of the center of the county administration and the future THSR Taibao Station、is the realization of this vision; a high quality living space integrated with transportation、business、commerce、 culture、and recreation. Following the launch of the THSR、the completion of the campus of Chiao Tung University、the opening of the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum、the completion of the second phase of the Chang Gung medical area、and the completion of the bus rapid transit project、this special county administrative zone will become one of the two urban cores (the other being Chiayi City) in a dual-core urban living band、 with its outstanding urban style and appearance.

      Chiayi New Heart Policies

    • Promote Puzih and Taibao as east and west entrances and establish the 「backyard of the National Palace Museum」
    • Develop Lutsau organic agriculture area
    • Improve public facilities and attract business opportunities with cultural、 educational、 and medical qualities
    • Construct industrial communication environment and infrastructure
    • Promote 「international village」 model community plan
    • Establish regulations for urban planning and review mechanism for green building、 and development a solar power-based city.

    Constructions of Traffic Facilities

    • The traffic of Chiayi County was originally developed vertically across the county. To accompany the development of Taibao station as a transportation center and meet the traffic needs of the future Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum and the special county administrative zone、projects such as the access roads around the THSR station、bus rapid transit system、 and horizontal extension to Dongshih have been implemented through continuous efforts; traffic communication projects including the access roads of Minsyong and Jhongpu-Hemu road planning will also be completed in time. This convenient traffic network was constructed in order to meet the future needs of the tourism industry in

      Traffic Policies Outline

    • Horizontal extension of expressway to Dongshih
    • Orientation and functional improvement of regional roads
    • Establish Taibao station as transportation center for east-west communication and connect Chiayi City, THSR stations、National Palace Museum、and Chang Gung medical area with BRT system
    • Integrate tourism and travel services and develop traffic service packages
    • Improve bus service quality and develop minority-oriented public traffic services
    • Promote re-use of Tai-Sugar railway and cycling activity

    Constructions for Industrial development

    • Chiayi County is a county of traditional agriculture. The industrial and commercial activities are less animated compared with other counties. In the past few years、the county government has been devoted to the promotion of transformation from agriculture、 tourism development、and campaigns to attract more private investments. The Formosa Plastics Group has announced a 30-billion NT dollar project to establish a health and culture village in Singang; many other companies have also announced their business plans in the Chiayi Biotechnology Park. In the future、 the county government will focus its policies in the four following areas: use BOT or OT plans to promote civil participation、promote tourism service industry、introduce cultural & creative industries、and develop health and biotech industries. To attract these industries to invest Chiayi、the county government will make every possible effort、including the improvement of local talents and the promoting the immigration of quality talents.

      Industrial Development Policies Outline

    • Arrange large public-owned lands and resources in the county and bid for central key construction projects.
    • Based on the experience of the National Culture and Arts Foundation、 promote the long-term resident-artist patronage project to patronize cultural and art talents and performers who are willing to reside in the county.
    • Encourage development on health residence house and health products.
    • Promote counseling plans for diverse vocational training and career development planning.

    Constructions for Tourism Development

    • The beautiful landscape is one of the important assets in Chiayi and a resource with an unlimited potential. With such a beautiful landscape、it is a natural for Chiayi to develop its tourism industry、which in turn helps the transformation of Chiayi from a traditional agriculture to a tourism service industry. In the past four years、the tourism in the greater Alishan area has been flourishing thanks to the efforts from the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration、while a central-level scenic area administration has been established for the costal area. With the establishment of the Dongshih Fisherman's Wharf and the Shueishang Tropic of Cancer Solar Exploration Center、the basic tourism arrangement in Chiayi County is complete. Over the next four years、 continued efforts will be made to promote the international marketing、 industrial assistance、and scenic area improvement、in order to help Chiayi become an international tourist spot.

      Tourism Development Policies Outline

    • Promote the Alishan tour package in line with the central government and develop the greater Alishan area as an international tourist spot.
    • Assist in the improvement of the hostels in the scenic spots、 including exterior appearance and interior facilities.
    • Develop cultural resources and root the tourism industry for the upcoming establishment of the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum.
    • Establish the costal area as a center for ecotourism、 in line with the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration.
    • Develop Aogu Wetland Ecology Park and costal wetland ecotourism.
    • Assist township governments in exploring new thematic scenic spots and in turn promote industrial development.
    • Develop a unique tourism environment for Shueishang with its Tropic of Cancer Solar Exploration Center.
    • Establish a convenient tourism service information system and diverse transportation.networks for recreational needs.