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Chiayi Science Park (Machouhou Industrial Park)


    • In light of the changes in internal and external economic situations and the fact that the industrial structure in Chiayi County is transforming from agriculture to commerce and industries、and to respond to opportunities brought about by expanded urban planning and establishment of the High Speed Rail station for expedited promotion and development of industrial parks in the county、the Chiayi County Government chose the MaChouHou Farm of the Taiwan Sugar Corporation to the south of the location of the county government and allocated the MaChouHou Industrial Park in Chiayi County (allocation announcement was completed in 2000) in compliance with the objective of the Executive Yuan to reinforce economic development in the region south to Yunlin County. Development operations are being presently being processed and purchase of agreement is the primary intended method of development. At present、the review of Stage 1 details has begun.

      The advantages of the MaChouHou Industrial Park include its simple land ownership、perfect constructions in adjacent areas、 extensive land for development、 adjacency to the East-West expressway of Provincial Highway 82、 ability to connect to National Freeway 1 and the west coast expressway through the Sianghe Interchange. Meanwhile、the site is close to the location of the Chiayi County Government and the High Speed Rail Taibao Station in Chiayi. It is located between the Central Taiwan Science Park and Southern Taiwan Science Park and accessible via both the national freeway and the High Speed Rail. The site can support and help development of the two science parks while at the same time balance regional development by driving industrial transformation. In light of this、the site will be positioned to support development of the Central and Southern Taiwan Science Parks and to ultimately introduce high-production-value industries in the future.

      The MaChouHou Industrial Park is only 4km from the High Speed Rail Taibao Station、around 9km from the Shueishang Interchange of the Sun Yat-Sen Freeway and 11km from the Shueishang Airport in the east. It is about 10km from the west coast expressway、13km from the Budai Commercial Harbor in the west. Its location is optimal. For detailed information、please refer to the site layout.

      The MaChouHou Industrial Park crosses two administrative districts、Puzih City and Lucao Township. It is closely adjacent to the southern side of the Dongshih-Chiayi line of the East-West Expressway under construction and Chia 45 Interchange is at its direct service. County Highway 167 goes through the southeastern side of this industrial park. At about 1km north beyond the Dongshihliao Farm of the Taiwan Sugar Corporation is the expanded urban planning area for the Chiayi County Government. At 3km in the northeast is the designated High Speed Rail Taibao Station while at 1km in the west is the Puzih Industrial Park. It is 0.5km and 3km away from the Puzih and Lucao urban planning areas、respectively. Therefore、it is very convenient to go to Chiayi City、Puzih、Taibao、 and Lucao from this planned site.
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    Park related programs

    Layout of prioritized planning areas in Chiayi County

    Layout of prioritized planning areas in Chiayi County

    Target industries to be introduced

    Four major technology industries are planned to be introduced based on the categorization of the industries in the Southern Taiwan Science Park in order to form a vertical division-of-labor system through establishment of industrial relevance and the advantageous geographical location.

    A. Nano、Biotechnology

    Taking advantage of the rich agricultural and fishery resources、 the advantageous food industry in this region、and the 80-hectare dedicated medical area to the north of this industrial park、emerging technology industries to widely combine the nanotechnology、cancer research and molecular biology will be introduced.

    B. Microelectronic、precision machinery technology

    To work with the Southern Taiwan Science Park and help upgrade the technology of the old electronic machinery industry in the region of Chiayi as well as respond to the trend of flourishing development of information industries around the world、microelectronic precision machinery and related industries will be actively introduced.

    C. Optoelectronic、semiconductor technology

    In addition、the optoelectronic semiconductor industry、which offers the 「crude oil for the electronic industry」、including optical information、optical display、optical communication、and optoelectronic elements、the four major fields and integrated circuits、detached elements、 and optoelectronic elements in the semiconductor industry、will also be actively introduced.

    D. Aerospace、communication technology

    To work with the Central Taiwan Science Park in the development of prioritized industries、 aerospace and communication technology will be introduced and promoted to fulfill the goal of researching and developing aerospace compound light and high-temperature super conductive compound materials through grassroots innovative industrial technology.

    E. Segmentation and cooperation with the industrial design in adjacent emerging major industrial parks.

    1.This industrial park happens to be located in the center and surrounded by four emerging major industrial parks、namely the Yunlin Offshore Island Industrial Park、Southern Taiwan Science Park、Tainan Technology Industrial Park、and Yunlin Technology Industrial Park、and is adjacent to the East-West Expressway、High Speed Rail Taibao Station、and Sun Yat-Sen Freeway. The convenient transportation helps achieve horizontal and vertical division of labor for both competition and collaboration.

    2.The items of technology industries planned to be introduced into this industrial park are similar to those in the Southern Taiwan Science Park. Manufacturers were very enthusiastic in the Stage 1 business recruitment for the park so it is assumed that there is still market demand. On the other hand、the traditional industry intended to be introduced into the industrial park is the advantageous industry in the region of Chiayi to be segmented from the industrial planning in other industrial parks.