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Invest in Chiayi County

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Chiayi Herbs Biotechnology Park


    Advantageous location:

    • Items in the development plan, a major investment and development project initiated by the Council of Agriculture and the Chiayi County Government, have been successively implemented since the contract was signed with Dapumei Development Company Limited, a BOT concession company, in 2006.
    • The development plan in this project consists of three major parts – Public Works, Investment in Related Industries, and Production Business Recruitment
    • While public works were carried out, Dapumei Company embarked on business recruitment and the plan for investment in related industries at the same time in order to facilitate synchronized completion of both public works and the investment plan as well as start official operations.

    Park Advantages

    Park Advantages

    Expanding Potential

    • The trend for nature and alternative therapy-oriented health maintenance has gradually gained prominence in Europe and the U.S. and the constantly expanding international market for plants and herbs is looks very promising in the future.
    • It was estimated in the international medicine statistical annual report that the production value on the global herbal medicine market broke US$35 billion in 2006.
    • ccording to the World Health Organization statistics, there are four billion people around the world having used or currently using Chinese herbal products, which accounts for nearly 3/4 of the world's population.
    • The world-famous Harvard Business Review predicts that modernization of Chinese herbs will become one of the four most important industries in the next 20 years.

    Driving Economic development for industries in Chiayi County

    • Our county is abundant in natural resources because of our advantageous geographical location. In addition, the encompassing production areas in the surroundings of industrial parks provide sufficient agricultural raw materials necessary for biotechnology businesses.
    • The unique diversity in our county is suitable for cultivation of many natural vanillas and herbs.
    • The high-temperature and moist ecological environment in our county is especially suitable for growth of ganoderma lucidum and mushroom-type of plants, among which tree ears account for the most production; nearly 75% of the entire production in Taiwan.
    • By means of modern biotechnological engineering, diversified characteristics of vanillas and herbs are fully developed. Comprehensive development along with the recreational area will not only create new production opportunities for farmers but also consolidate development of the industry in Chiayi County, exercising optimal efficacy among the industry, biotechnology, and recreation.

    Geographical location

    Advantageous location:

    • The site is located on the eastern side of Dalin Township in northern Chiayi County, at 5km away from the downtown area of Dalin Township, around 3km away from Meishan City on the east, around 12km from Chiayi City on the southwest, and about 30km from Taipao, where the county government is based. The residential and commercial environment offers abundant support.

    Fast and convenient transportation:

    • The site is located in the center position of the Jia-Nan Plain, the closest point to Mainland China on Taiwan.
    • There are 11 flights between Chiayi and Taipei per day at the Chiayi Airport. By High Speed rail, it takes only 66 minutes to Taipei and 30 minutes to Kaohsiung. It is a great place for both living and working.
    • The site covers around 86 hectares in area and is located on the eastern side of the Meishan Interchange of National Freeway 3.

    Abundant industrial, academic, and research support:

    Park supports
    • The site is around 3km away from the National Chung Cheng University, around 12km from the National Chiayi University, and about 30km from the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital on the southwest, and approximately 50km from the 6th Naphtha Cracking Project of the Formosa Plastics Group and about 30km from the Ma Chou Hou Industrial Park on the northwest, forming a golden-triangle industrial, academic and research community.

    Park arrangement

    • It is hoped to combine government resources, grassroots investment, and regional advantages in the creation of a brand new industrial model that integrates production, life, and ecology. Proactive efforts have been made to construct a wonderland of vanilla and herbal biotechnology that will become vital in the vanilla and herb community in the nation.

      The park is a combination of production, ecology, and life – a three-in-one park ‧
      ‧Technology – Industrial Park
      ‧Farm landscape – related industries section
      ‧Sightseeing & recreation – residential area

    Park arrangement

    Prospects of Chinese herb industry in Chiayi Herbs Biotechnology Park

    • With the arrival of the LOHAS age, biotechnology has been considered one of the industries with the greatest potential in the contemporary world. The Major countries in the world are all trying their best to promote research and application of biotechnology in the field of life science with the hope to stand out in the up-coming international competition. The U.S.A., Germany, Japan, Korea, Australia, and China have devoted themselves to this field for the past few years and established all kinds of preferable measures, introduced technology or been engaged in product cooperation in order to accelerate the vigorous growth of the biotech industry on their territory. Upon development of the biotech industry in the regional economy, Taiwan in particular cannot ignore the importance of biotechnology and should take it seriously and grasp opportunities. The fact that health maintenance and health care are gradually gaining value among our nationals has again emphasized a future trend featuring Chinese herbal health care and cosmetics.

      Data show that 80% of the world's population that use Chinese herbs and European and American attitudes about alternative medicine have also gradually become more open. Meanwhile, laws and regulations in a lot of countries are getting more and more defined to be followed by manufacturers wishing to make investment. All of these have contributed to the drastic growth on the global herbal market and helped develop the R&D market for Chinese herbs, making Chinese herbs R&D a popular trend. Currently, the global emerging herbal market is worth around US$20 billion and the growth continues by 10% to 20% per year. Therefore, the industry developing Chinese herbal biotechnology is the emerging industry with the most potential.

      In addition, according to statistics of the World Health Organization, there are nearly three-fourths of population in the world (around four billion people) having tried or are currently using Chinese herbs to treat their illness. Many commentators are also optimistic about future growth in the vanilla and herbs market. The world-famous Harvard Business Review even predicts that modernization of Chinese herbal medicine will be one of the most important industries in the next 20 years and the production value on the global vegetative drug market will approach US$40 billion. As a place of origin for Chinese herbal medicine, the long-term experience in using Chinese herbal medicine, once applied in the development of a new Chinese herbal medicine industry, will help Taiwan secure a share on the international drug market. Therefore, our government has been proactively promoting the Chinese herbal biotechnology and listed it as one of the most important national policies by devoting a lot of manpower and resources.

      It was exactly because our government was optimistic about the popularity of this global health maintenance and health care trend that the Chiayi Herbs Biotechnology Park was catalyzed three years ago under leadership of the Council of Agriculture to transform traditional vanillas and herbs into a new pop culture and enter drug, cosmetics and nutrient food markets. It was expected that once the park was completed three years later, a production value in the worth of NT$50 billion would be likely achieved within 10 years by the Chiayi Herbs Biotechnology Park.

      The reason that the site for the park was chosen to be located in Chiayi County was because Chiayi is the agricultural county in Taiwan, with abundant land resources and diversified terrains. In addition, its location on the Tropic of Cancer enables a high-temperature and moist ecological environment, which is very suitable for cultivation of vanillas and herbs such as ganoderma lucidum and mushrooms. Current production volume of vanillas and herbs in the county nearly accounts for over 70% of the total production throughout the province, which are sufficient agricultural raw materials required for vanilla and herbal biotechnology business. Therefore, the county government plans to further establish a production and distribution system for vanillas and herbs, which, along with the vanilla and herbal production area helped to be established, can serve as the best partner of investing manufacturers by supplying raw materials in the most cost-effective way so that all three parties, the producer, manufacturer, and distributor, can benefit.