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Dapumei Intelligent Industrial Park


    • The Tropic of Cancer passes through Chiayi County、and the Jade Mountain and Ali Mountain is in the east、which are enriched with special sightseeing and vegetative resources and the vast Jia-Nan Plain、the agricultural cultivation region、in the west. In addition、it is where the National Chung Cheng University、National Chiayi University、Nanhua University、Chang Gung Memorial Hospital、the Chinese Petroleum Corporation Refinery、the Agricultural Research Institute and Agricultural Research and Extension Station of the Council of Agriculture、and the Taiwan Sugar Corporation Dalin Branch、are located. Moreover、Chiayi County enjoys rich cultural and medical resources、such as the National Palace Museum and seven major healthcare facilities. Transportation is also convenient: It takes less than one hour to reach the Central Taiwan Science Park、Southern Taiwan Science Park、and industrial、academic、and research institutions in Taichung and Tainan. The basic infrastructure is generally complete and requirements for industrial development have gradually taken shape.

      For the past 20 years、the Chiayi community has often been left out in regional development due to its south central location、lack of actual construction、and appropriate industrial land to attract manufacturers to set up factories there. All existing industrial parks in the county were built before 1981. The Class 2 and Class 3 industries have been developing slowly throughout the county、and so the overall economy is sluggish、and urban development is slow. The Dapumei Intelligent Industrial Park and Ma Chou Post Industrial Park have been in planning in Chiayi County since 2000、which、along with the Budai Intelligent Industrial Park which is still under planning、will cover a total area of nearly 1,500 hectares. Unfortunately、however、due to the sluggish macro economy、these projects have not been started. Worse yet、with the investment in major industrial parks in adjacent counties and cities (e.g. Jhangbin in Changhua County、the offshore islands of Yunlin County、Yunlin Technology Industrial Park、Yunlin base of the Central Taiwan Science Park、Kuoda in Douliou、Tainan Technology Industrial Park in Tainan County、Stages 1 & 2 of the Tainan Science Park) initiated by the central government、the development projects in Chiayi County were left behind、adding to the difficulty of industrial development in Chiayi County.

      For the past few years、the county government has been seeking to make breakthroughs. So far、it has successfully competed for the Chiayi Herbs Biotechnology Park to be the Stage 1 Dapumei development project、for which manufacturers have been recruited and development has begun. Since 2006、recruitment for manufacturers to based in the Dapumei Precision Machinery Park (hereinafter referred to as the Park)、the late stage Section I of the Dapumei Intelligent Industrial Park、has also been in process. The manufacturer recruitment workshop was organized with joint efforts from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the 「Precision Machinery Development Association of Taiwan」. Manufacturers went on a field trip、and communications and opinions were closely exchanged with the manufacturers. So far、nearly 60 manufacturers、including heavyweights such as the Victor Taichung Machinery、among others、have expressly shown their intention to establish a presence in the Park. The land required for the factories has already reached 1.653 m2、and the area of the required industrial land after conversion exceeds 190 hectares、providing major support in the park development.

      The park is located by an interchange of National Freeway 3、which provides advantageous direct links with major precision machinery communities in Taichung such as the Dali、Wufeng、Taiping、and Taichung Industrial Parks. In addition、the lease price is competitive and manufacturers can set up their factories within a very short period of time、making the park an optimal choice for machinery manufacturers. It is hoped that once the park is developed、the presence of major manufacturers will bring in their partner supply systems to form a complete machinery supply chain and cluster and create a Chiayi precision machinery park that can continue the growth in our machinery industry and become a crucial machinery production fort known to the international community. With the foregoing combined、the development goals for the park are set out as follows:

      Policy Goal of the Central Government: To enhance constructions in central and southern parts of Taiwan that can support development of the machinery industry

      The Executive Yuan has approved the Stage 1 Three-Year Advancement Project – Industrial Development Package for the 「Vision of Economic Development by 2015」、which will consist of three three-year projects to systematically map the blueprint for constructions in Taiwan and consolidate the new vision of sustainable economic development in Taiwan.

      In the meeting of magistrates and majors from eight counties and cities in southern Taiwan held in February 2007、Premier Su of the Executive Yuan put forward a further three priorities – development of small and medium enterprises、development of the economy in central and southern parts of Taiwan、and care for the middle and lower classes. The proposal for development of the regional economy in central and southern parts of Taiwan was introducing investment in the economy. The promotion and development of this park can continue the strength of growth in our machinery industry so that we can become an important production fort for international machinery while at the same time promoting the regional economy in Chiayi County、which is by all means the best tool to accomplish the goal of the foregoing policy.

      Policy Goal of the Local Government: To build a framework for development of the local economy and industries.

      Economic and industrial development in Chiayi County has been limited to agriculture due to the existing national land protection policy to protect excellent agricultural land. However、changes in the global economy and food policies have brought advantages to Chiayi County because of the vast land and resources it has.

      To solve the difficulties facing Chiayi County in economic development、the Chiayi County Government、in compliance with the vision of economic development set out in the 「Great Investment & Great Warmth Programs」 promoted by the Executive Yuan、has mapped out a blueprint for the county economy and industrial development in the future.

      Key tasks in site development – Developing Dapumei Intelligent Industrial Park

      According to the 「Development and Promotion of the Dapumei Intelligent Industrial Park in Chiayi County (03/22/2007) established by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs、the growing annual production value of machine tools and parts in the machinery industry in our nation has created a unique clustering phenomenon in central Taiwan. Important products、such as vertical and gantry-type vertical machining centers、have topped the world's list. Horizontal machining centers and CNC tuning centers are being actively developed and produced. Development over the next three to five years continues to look promising、and the competitiveness of the entire industry is on the rise. To maximize throughput and enhance market share、machinery manufacturers have an urgent demand for land in central Taiwan.

      However、the supply of the industrial land in Taichung is not sufficient to meet the demand. There are still many manufacturers without land for them to build a factory. The park is by far the only choice available in central Taiwan that can provide a factory site in the shortest time possible and is a perfect solution for machinery manufacturers seeking to expand their factories for the price offered. On the other hand、presence of a machinery park in Chiayi will create job opportunities、stimulate the return of overseas talents、and drive regional development.


    A. Introduction to the location

    • The park is located at the border between Dalin Township and Meishan Township of Chiayi County and is very close to Gukeng Township in Chiayi County. It is roughly 5km from Dalin City in the west and 3.5km from Meishan City in the east. In the southeast are Minsyong and Chiayi City、at 8 and 11 kilometers、respectively. It is on the western side of the planned Dapumei Intelligent Industrial Park. In its surroundings are the Dapumei Farm of the Taiwan Sugar Corporation and National Freeway 3、and the whole area is approximately 297 hectares. Within a radius of 5km around the site is the urban planning area for Meishan City、Chiayi County. Within 5 to 10km are the special district plan for the National Chung Cheng University、Dalin urban planning、and Gukeng urban planning areas.

    B. Transportation

    • In the northeast is the Meishan Interchange of National Freeway 3. County Highway 162 is in the north while in the west one can reach the Dalin Interchange of Sun Yat-Sen Freeway (6 km) and Chiayi City and Minsyong City.

      It is 30km from Taibao Station of the High Speed Rail. It takes around 1.5 hours in a car to both Kaohsiung Harbor and Taichung Harbor.

    C. Living Functions

    • The National Chung Cheng University special district urban planning area is 5km south of the park、which can provide optimal living and factory establishing mechanisms along with theme hotels and all kinds of service facilities provided by the service center、related industries section (commercial/financial services)、and the Herbs Biotechnology Park under construction on the eastern side.

    Development status

    A. Development permit

    • The detailed programs were reviewed and passed by the panel in the second review meeting on March 19th 2008. Amendments to the content were brought forth in the July 3rd assembly meeting for approval. Our government will follow the meeting resolution and commissioner feedback to submit complements and modifications within three months in order to obtain the development permit as soon as possible.

    B. Land acquisition

    • The county government has assigned a special budget to prepare for the park development、which was reviewed and passed intact by the council、with one added provision: 「NT$3.67428 billion is approved to be used for land acquisition. However、it is preferred that the country government handles development through outsourcing.」 The land acquisition plan is to be sent to the Ministry of the Interior for review and land acquisition will be complete by the year end if everything goes according to plan.

    C. Developer screening

    • Land acquisition will be completed in accordance with governmental requirements. In addition、a developer will be authorized to take charge of the development、lease、and management of the park. The fifth developer online screening will be announced in the near future.

    D. Park land presale

    • The first presale was organized from April 17th to May 2nd 2008 to encourage developers to take part in the tender bidding and understand the demand of the machinery industry for the land in the park. A total of 37 manufacturers were approved to apply for purchases. The area of the land demanded was around 86 hectares、accounting for nearly 50% of the total area available in the presale、172.76 hectares、among which were leading manufacturers in the machinery industry、such as Goodway Machine Corp. and Awea Mechantronic Co.、Ltd.、which also came to purchase land for the establishment of additional factories. At present、besides continuing to attract major manufacturers、it is hoped that the presence of major manufacturers can also bring in their partner supply systems in order to form a complete supply chain and cluster in the machinery industry. The unsold land was divided into sections of around 4628 m2 to be utilized by smaller manufacturers and the corrections were recorded in the presale brochure. The second presale was announced on June 17th.

    Target industries to be introduced

    • The area is planned to be an intelligent industrial park in the future、a steam engine that drives industrial upgrade and development in Chiayi、exercising middle-stream development functions for technology R&D and mass production.
    • The technology industry will be the main focus. Agricultural biotechnology、latter-half of the semiconductor process、machinery and equipment、pollution preventive applied biotechnology、special chemistries、and compound materials、among other business categories、will be introduced.
    • The advantageous local traditional industry will be supplementary. Food manufacture、wooden & bamboo furniture products、medical devices and instruments、and metal products、among others、will be introduced.

    Lease exemption preferential measures

    • Tax reduction、one of the deductibles established in the Statute for Upgrading Industries、applies to resource deprived areas or with sluggish development in our county.
    • For newly added investment in the manufacturing and related technology service sectors、the business income tax is waived for the first five years as an incentive.
    • County taxation: House tax is deductible by 40% and land value tax by 50%