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Other Rewarding Industrial Parks

    Update of industrial development

    • The main economic structure in our county transformed in the early days from simply agriculture to emphasize both agriculture and industries. For the past few years、the county government has been actively seeking development of ordinary and agricultural village industrials with the Ministry of Economic Affairs in order to improve the investment environment and provide industrial start-ups with options to establish their factories. By far、 six industrial parks have been developed、covering a total of 670 hectares in area、among which Minsyong Industrial Park is the largest with comprehensive public facilities. In addition、simplified business registration、providing optimal services、help with corporate and modernized management、 and reinforced business administration in order to create an even better environment for development are all prioritized items、for which success is shown too、bringing growth and prosperity to the county.

    Location of industrial parks

    Location of industrial parks

    Minsyong Industrial Park and Ciaotou Industrial Park

    • Origin and Development
      Chiayi County is located in the Jia-Nan Plain、with abundant natural resources and manpower. To expedite industrial development and promote local advancement and prosperity、 our government chose the southernmost land in Minsyong Township、Minsyong and Ciaotou、to develop two general industrial parks.

      The Ciaotou Industrial Park was developed earlier and was completed in April 1973. The whole park covers 86 hectares in area、and as soon as it was developed、spaces were sold out. The land in the park was obviously short of meeting the vast demand from industrial start-ups. Therefore、the government went on to develop the Minsyong Industrial Park in May 1978. After three years and ten months、the park was completed in March 1982、with a total area was 244 hectares.
    • Geographical location & transportation
      Both Minsyong and Ciaotou Industrial Parks are located in Minsyong Township of Chiayi County and are around 5km away from the Chiayi Train Station and 10km from the Chiayi Interchange and Dalin Interchange in the south. At around 3km in the east is the Jhuci Interchange of South Second Highway and around 4km in the north is downtown Minsyong. The transportation is very convenient.